Saturday, October 23, 2010

Leo Teemant

I have a nephew, Leo Teemant who has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time. This time it is stage four. He and Amy, his wife, have a beautiful little family. In August they welcomed their third baby. They live in Provo. There are several ways to help. One can donate directly to The Teemant Family Cancer Fund at any Wells Fargo Bank. Or make a pledge at Also, on November 13th 2010 there is a benefit race at Kiwanis Park (in Arizona) at 9:30 am.
You can read more

here: NieNie go to #3

Or make a pledge here:

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lteemant said...

Hey Joanna,

Thanks for posting my info. I found your blog. I just found it by chance, searching my name to test my internet connection.

I hope all is going well for your family.


P.S. The baby came in May, the cancer news came in August.